Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Gentle & Shiny Eyeshadow

RM 12
VOV Gentle And Shiny Eyeshadow
11 Colour with Mirror

RM 12
Miss Anny
New Attractive Fashion Colour
9 colour

RM 12
Miss ANNy
New Attractive Fashion Colour
9 colour

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kurung Moden

pario sarong with selendang
1 piece left (green)

beads emboidery at the neck

1 piece left (white)

sheer anggun
RM 59.90

emboidery punjab kurung(sold out!)

1 piece left (white)(sold out)

Army Green Tartans
RM 49.90
(sold out)

Fendi Mania(sold out!)
RM 45.00

Stripes Alert(sold out!)
RM 49.00 (with belt and tube!!)

Black long shirt

RM 42.00

Black Tear Drop Necklace
RM 22.00(sold out)

Boho necklace

RM 35.00

sold out!

Long Twisted Necklace

RM 29.90

sold out!

Tan brown clincher


(sold out)

Long skirt

Army green with beads emboidery
RM 45(sold out)

maxi dress

color splashhh
only for RM 55.00
sold out

Runaway Tshirt (2 pcs left)

soft pink
sales price: now at RM18 major steallll ;)

pure white
sales price: now RM18

Vintage Shirt

black shirt RM 42.00
snake print clincher (black)RM 29

brown shirt RM42
snake print clincher (brown) RM29

Senorita RM 39.00

white(sold out)
purple(sold out!)
pearl color clincher RM25(sold out!)

shawl printed RM 39.90

grey(sold out)
royal blue
(sold out!)

now only for RM25 steallll

classy blouse
RM 52.00
(sold out)

laidback dress

RM 39.90

(sold out)

classic print
RM 42.00
(sold out)

glamour print
RM 42.00
(sold out)

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